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Chances are you have heard that name before, but what exactly is ethanol alcohol from XFBEV.com used for? Well, Ethyl Alcohol is widely known because of its huge benefits in the THC extraction process. It is also known as ethanol or grain alcohol. But did you know there are other equally surprising uses of ethyl Alcohol?

What Is Ethyl Alcohol?
It is a colorless and clear type of alcohol that is also the principal ingredient of alcoholic beverages. Beer, vodka, wine, or scotch have high concentrations of ethyl alcohol. In a nutshell, Ethyl alcohol is the thing that makes you drunk.

But it also has a wide array of benefits, and that’s the reason many industries use it as part of their processes.

In recent years with the booming of the DIY movement, Ethyl alcohol has become one of the most looked-for articles, since it is used as an important ingredient in many fields.

Most Common Uses Of Ethyl Alcohol

These are some of the most common uses for Ethyl Alcohol from XFBEV.com, with amazing results.

Oil Extraction

Essential oil

Essential oils and their properties as medicinal substances are well known since ancient Egypt. Of course, in our times they are used in a wide variety of fields from aromatherapy to gastronomy.

There are a lot of plants and flowers with surprising benefits for humans. To get those benefits at our convenience in supermarkets and drugstores, ethyl alcohol is required.While there are many other ways to extract some of those oils, Ethyl alcohol is the safest one to get a food-grade productthat’s why the industry relies on XFBEV’s proprietaryorganic process to produce the highest quality pharmaceutical grade alcohol for their processing.

Cannabis Extraction

As legalization spreads across the Country, more entrepreneurs get the courage to start into the Cannabis business. This also means there are more producers of THC and CBD Oil.

However, not all products are the same, and not all extraction processes are equal. There is a direct link between the extraction method and the quality of the final product.

● CBD Oil

One of the safest ways to get CBD Oil is by extracting it with ethyl alcohol.

The biggest benefit of this method is that all traces of alcohol get removed since ethanol evaporates very easily. And since it mixes with water and breaks apart molecules like chlorophyll, the result is a high-quality product and unlike other producers XFBEV never uses chemical dryers to produce their anhydrous 200 proof products.

● Tincture

Cannabis is also used to produce a tincture. This is a more refined process than the one used for CBD extraction, but it also depends on Ethyl alcohol to get the best possible results.

There are a lot of benefits of using ethyl alcohol to extract both substances, like the purity of the final product, but the biggest benefit of them all is:

By using products from XFBEV.com there is absolutely no risk of leaving any toxic residual chemicals as there is if Rubbing or Wood alcohol, or Butane or other deadly chemicals are used.

Disinfectants And Sanitizers

Ethanol is a very effective agent that kills bacteria, fungi, viruses, and all kinds of microorganisms. That’s why it is widely used in sanitizers and disinfectants.

● Hand Sanitizers

The use of hand sanitizer is recommended by The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention whenever there is no soap and water available.

The use of hand sanitizers based on ethyl alcohol is one of the most effective ways to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

● Household products

Many of the products we use every day in our houses contain ethyl alcohol. This is because ethanol mixes with water and makes a very effective solvent for paints and varnishes.

A lot of personal care and beauty products use ethanol. The reason is that this is a clear substance that evaporates completely, leaving absolutely no trace of chemicals in the end product.


Alcoholic beverages as wine, beer or vodka, also contain ethanol. In these cases, ethanol is a sub-product of the fermenting process. Ethyl alcohol is the part of booze that gets you drunk.

Most Asked Questions About Ethyl Alcohol

Why Is Ethyl Alcohol Used For Cannabis Extraction?

There are many reasons for cannabis producers to use ethanol in their processes. The main ones are:

● Ethanol evaporates very easily
This means the final product that gets to your hands doesn’t have any alcohol left. It is the purest way to get CBD and THC oil.

● It mixes with water
This part is important because that’s the way ethyl alcohol breaks apart molecules like chlorophyll, which can bitter the oil.

Can I Extract All Kinds of Oil with Ethyl Alcohol?

Since oil extraction processes are very similar for all kinds of plants, you can use ethanol to extract almost any type of essential oil.

What Other Uses Does Ethyl Alcohol Have?

There are many ways to use ethanol at home. It works great as a hand sanitizer and it is a vital component of many of your beauty and health products.

Is Ethyl Alcohol Safe?

Ethanol is flammable as any other alcohol. That said, ethanol is one of the safest ways to extract different types of essential oils and it is very safe to use for that purpose; since all traces of ethyl alcohol evaporate, leaving a clean, pure product.

Since it is a very pure type of alcohol, ethanol is regulated by the US Federal Drug Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

Are Ethyl Alcohol and Ethanol The Same Thing?

Yes. Ethyl Alcohol and ethanol are only 2 ways of naming the same type of alcohol.

Can I Use Ethyl Alcohol to Kill Bacteria?

You can. Ethanol kills germs, fungi, bacteria, and all kinds of microorganisms. Besides, is recognized as a safe substance that can be used even in food products.


So, if you are serious about getting into the Cannabis industry, or if you are looking for better ways to extract essential oils, ethyl alcohol products from XFBEV.com is about to become your new best friend.

Let us know, is there anything we left out?

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